4.1 Roslyn

It’s been a while since my new little sister Imogen was born. She’s three and growing fast, it won’t be long before she is old enough to got to school. She is adorable but I can’t help wish that we had been closer in age. I’m determined that I am going to go to university soon and after that , who knows….visiting is just not going to be the same as being able to see her every day.

Gabriel became a teenager not long ago and now goes to the local highschool. Poor Gabe gets annoyed that he is still sharing a room with the babies. I really can’t blame him, being woken up by screaming toddlers is not something I am going to miss.

Mum also recently celebrated a birthday, she took the opportunity to retire saying that it was time and that she couldn’t keep performing forever. It was time for her to concentrate on her youngest children. Unfortunately, she hadn’t reached her goal of becoming a Singing Sensation, in fact she only ever performed sing-a-grams. Mum had  just became to busy with everyday things to pursue that dream. Three children and an ambitious, workaholic husband left her with little time. She says she’s okay with how her life  turned out but  I see her eyes light up every time she sees a microphone and music playing.

Dad is now just  one promotion away from reaching the top of his career. I’m so proud of him. I know that he has wishes about me pursue the same line of work that consumes his life, unfortunately our wishes differ in this area. I have dreamed of pursuing a science career since Grandpa showed me our potion bench and taught me how to use it.

Uncle Ryder still spends every moment working on his music. Aunt Stacy is always complaining that he never spends anytime with her and their son Max. Max is only slightly older that little Imogen and I have to agree that Uncle Ryder is far more attached to his instruments than he seems to be to his family.

As for me I’m just days away from my 18th birthday. Yep, very soon I am going to be all grown up. It’s going to be my turn to shine. Or at least do the best that I can.

Soon it was time for me to celebrate my birthday with my family. I asked for an early party so I could spend as close to a full day as a young adult as possible before it was time to graduate.

And here I am all grown up. A lot of people say I look just like my mum. I guess I can see it, I definitely inherited my hair colour from her but I think I look a lot like my dad too.

It didn’t take long for me to decide that I definitely wanted to go to university and I wasted no time taking the aptitude test.

I found the test fairly easy, and even managed to obtain credits for both the Technology and Arts degrees but unfortunately I received no credits for the Science degree that I was aiming for.

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on a couple of potions that I still wished to discover. A bladder control potion should come in handy, right?

I’m not entirely sure what I would want to use it for. There must be plenty of situations that would make me happy that I had put in the effort to discover that one tiny little potion.

Dad came home from the hospital and immediately started to search the galaxy. The hospital still hasn’t given him his much deserved promotion. It seems a little mad to me, he has to be one of the hardest working members of staff that they have and yet he is still being overlooked.

The following morning was Graduation Day and I had a few things that I wanted to get done before the ceremony  started.

Dad had told me that now that I was moving out on my own that it would be a good idea to get some basic idea of how to fix things. Who knew how good the appliances were gong to be in the university accommodation. Having some idea how to fix basic items could only come in handy.

So I made a quick visit to the local library to find some reading material at the local library that i found to be very informative. I now felt a little more prepared.

I had to keep a close watch on the time, as graduation was at 11am and I had promised the rest of my family that I would meet them there.

When I crossed the courtyard I found my dad waiting for me. I realised that by getting out of the house early this morning I had missed his birthday celebrations, I felt a little guilty but knew he understood the importance of working on the skills that would only help me reach my goals in the future. It was time for me to graduate, the rest of my family were already inside waiting for me to receive my diploma.

I graduated from the Brittlebush Academy with honor and I was voted the Most Artistic by my class. I could have done better I am sure but I vowed to work harder at university.

When the ceremony was complete my Mum took the opportunity to present me with a gift. Something that had belong to my grandfather.  I loved it.

She then spent the next hour loading me down with advice most of which I chose to forget immediately.

Dad had gotten tired waiting for Mum to finish talking and ended up napping on a nearby bench while she continued to talk.

In the end I had to interrupt her so we could all go home. The moving truck that would be taking me to university was due to arrive soon and I didn’t want to miss it.

After I had said my goodbyes it was time to go. Mum couldn’t stop herself from waving like a crazy woman while I was leaving.  Somehow I don’t think that living in a dorm room will be any crazier than living here has been.

AN: I thought I would try to do this generation slightly differently than the previous generations. I’m not sure how its going to go but we shall see. 🙂

Also for everyone who reads The Young Babies I just wanted to clarify where this branch of the family fits in with the baby challenge. I just realised that Roslyn is Lucia’s great-great granddaughter, add two more greats for Lindsay. So yeah, she’s a fair way down the family tree. I sometimes forget that. My seventh generation of Young’s. 😉

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Generation Four Heir Announced.

Sorry guys for the lack of updates. 😦 I’ve been distracted by my Baby Challenge, it’s soo close to being complete  – I can’t believe it. 🙂

Anyway, back on topic….. when I came back to update the wishacy I found I was missing pics and I really didn’t know how to fix that so I’ve decided to skip forward slightly to Generation Four.


Siblings Roslyn, Gabriel, Imogen and their cousin Max.


I had four possible heirs to choose from and I was originally going to an heir vote to decide the heir but in the end chose the oldest child in the family, Roslyn. She’s a nice combination of her parents and I really just like her. Conveniently she was only one day from aging up anyway. 😀


Her Young Adult trait is Loves the Cold so there may be a move in store for our little wishacy family.  Lucky Palms is probably not the town for our new heir. Her other traits (the ones I can remember without having to load up my game) are Genius, Friendly, Artistic and..umm? Yeah, I’ll look up her fifth trait later. 😀

New Update should be arriving shortly, it’s nearly finished but I thought you all deserved an explanation on what was going on first.

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3.8 Finally

Roslyn: Look Mum, Bonehilda has come to help us clean up the house! Isn’t it awesome!


Roslyn: What do you think?

Zoe: Nope, not a fan…why did we hire her again?

She wouldn’t be, with her neurotic trait and all. Unfortunately Zoe’s been running out of the room every time she sees the new maid, so who knows how long this arrangement is going to last.

Zoe is finally able to return to work and going by Zoe’s new outfit, I think someone has been promoted.

Zoe: So glad that you finally noticed….


With their first woohoo out-of-the-way, Ryder and Stacy are now in Try for Baby territory 😀 Ryder just needs to make the appropriate wish.

These two are happy enough on autonomous at the moment and I barely have to use any of the romantic wishes that Ryder seems to be constantly throwing now. 😀

Took him long enough to make up his mind that he and Stacy were great together romantically.

Ryder: I was conflicted and besides me and Stace were great friends I didn’t want to jeopardise that…

That’s fine Ry, but you were cutting it close. Your Adulthood is quickly slipping away.

Finally, probably just to shut me up, Ryder wishes for his second woohoo with his girl Stacy.

With Ryder’s first child now safely on its was I finally allow Zoe and Carson to try once more.

Last baby for you two, make it a good one. 😀

In the morning Ryder decides to serenade Stacy on his guitar.

These two can be great together, I am really curious to see what the possible baby will look like.

It’s been a couple of days since Ryder and Stacy hooked up in the shower, and everyone has been busy.  Zoe has been busy with her sing-a-grams, that was until she popped and it was decided that she can’t possibly perform her job anymore…. Ryder’s been busy skilling, I figured he needed to spend as much time as possible on his instruments as he will soon be distracted by two more babies in the house and besides he has no romantic type wishes he can work on at the moment. Yep, he has been ignoring the girl he possibly got pregnant….

Ryder: Have Not!

Have you seen her?

Ryder: No

Talked to her?

Ryder: Ah, no…

Wished to see her?

Ryder: ………..

Thought so…..

In other news little Gabriel celebrated his child birthday, he immediately celebrated with a game of ‘King for the Day’. Gabe also became a workaholic for his birthday so I hope this will not be the last time we see him playing.

His first day of school he seems a little unsure of the bus driver.

Gabe: He’s creeping me out. Are we sure he’s not a machine?

Don’t think so?

Zoe is looking ready to have that baby any time now, I would imagine that Stacy would be looking about the same. Even though I haven’t really checked up on her.Ryder finally decides that he would like to spend time with Stacy, so he invites her over. Looks like that possible baby is a definite baby.

Ryder: Hey Stacy, sorry I haven’t called before now. I’ve been a little busy.

Stacy: It’s been almost three days, Ryder, you haven’t even called me. I thought you liked me?

Ryder: I do like you.

Stacy: Sometimes I’m not so sure…..

It’s later that evening when Stacy finally goes into labour and little Bryce Young is born. Bryce has the traits Loves the Outdoors & Neurotic and as expected as soon as little Bryce is born his Daddy rolls a wish to get married.

Of course I take advantage of that little wish.

I have Ryder and Stacy married in the shortest possible time. Ensuring that possible Generation Four heir Bryce is part of the active household.

Our Newlyweds celebrated in their usual way, throwing water balloons at each other is how this pair show their love….

Next time:  The final member of Generation Four makes their appearance.

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3.7 Taking the Next Step

I wish I could say that Ryder and Stacy’s relationship had progressed past the watching the stars and that one little kiss but….I can’t. As part of his mid-life-crisis he rolled a wish to flirt with the families male maid. Which made me actually take a look at which way my boy swung. At the moment if he was asked his gender preference he would class himself as bi-sexual so…yeah. 🙂

That’s not to say that he still isn’t rolling wishes concerning Stacy, like the time he wanted to write her a love letter…Aw!! I just have the feeling that these two would have been much better as best friends, but too late now! Full stem ahead… lol

On the up-side, Carson is now the sim of choice for the visiting Aliens…

I believe his finally surpassing Ryder in his Logic skill may just explain the switch in targets….. 😉

Meanwhile Zoe is back at work, although she is still only doing sing-a-grams. I know I should probably have her performing somewhere but thus far I haven’t really worked out how and considering she is still very busy with her babies I’m not really sure she has the time to do any more….

This time she had another chance to finally perform for Stacy and not stuff it up. It seemed to go okay, unlike the last attempt.

In between sing-a-grams, she tries to get the training done for her youngest child Gabe. His training is going to be a little patchy as so far Zoe has only rolled a wish to teach him to walk…..nothing else. You can’t really tell here but so far Gabriel seems to be a little clone of his big sister, like his sister he received both his mother’s hair and his father’s eye colour.

After this night (I had to wait until Ryder’s Mid-Life Crisis was over), Ryder and Stacy’s relationship finally started to make some progress.

They spent the next day at the local park and even with constant interruptions from other sims, the pair only seemed to have eyes for each other. Finally…..Right up to the point when Ryder rolled his first ever woohoo wish. Such a relief. 🙂

Of course, I wasn’t about to let the moment pass them by. The pair made their way back to Stacy’s home.


It was then time for our little lady Roslyn’s teen birthday.

Her biggest supporter, her mother Zoe was there, cheering on her little girl.

And here she is the teenage Roslyn Young. I think she turned out rather nicely. Her fourth trait became friendly.

Roslyn: Lil, could you maybe buy me a potion table for my birthday? Please?

Of course Sweetheart. 😀

Roslyn: Awesome, I wonder what will happen if I mix this with this…hmm…

Roslyn: Okay, that didn’t go as well as I had planned. 😦

It’s a good look on you, honey. lol.

Roslyn: …….

Later that night Zoe and Roslyn continued their mother/daughter bonding.

Why do I feel as if nothing ever changes with you two?

Zoe and Roslyn: Sssh, go away we are busy.

Mmmhmm, it’s certainly looks that way. 😉

And to finish off this chapter; our recently deceased Maya came to spend some time with her youngest grandchild Gabe. I’ve never had one of my uncontrolled ghosts pick up a toddler before so it was nice to see. All she did was take Gabe to the Living Room and hold him but still, cute.

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3.6 Baby on Board

Our Mama-to-be Zoe takes the opportunity to cool off in the backyard pool. It’s is rare that anyone in my family’s actually swim in them, so it’s nice to see it finally get a little bit of use.

Ryder and Stacy’s relationship is still a work in progress. If I didn’t already have heirs for the next generation I would be in a full-blown panic right about now.

It’s seems to have taken forever but Ryder finally gets the opportunity to have his first kiss. He is almost and adult so it is a little scary that it has taken this long to get this far.

Since Stacy has been staying over a lot while we have been attempting to get that first kiss., Ryder and Sracy have been given ample opportunity to express their shared love for music.

They both also share late afternoon work schedules. Ryder in the music field and Stacy is training to become a chef. So when Stacy does stay over they often have their breakfast together.

It is not really surprising when Zoe finally goes into labour that Stacy is on hand to witness the happy family event.

Maya and Ryder are of little help to Zoe, as both of them freak out instead of helping..

In the end they desert Zoe, loeaving her to deal with the impending arrival by herself, while the three of them escape to the kitchen to talk amongst themselves.

Maya: Do you think she’s finished, I really want to hold my new grandbaby?

You could go in there and help your daughter, maybe? I’m sure Zoe would appreciate it.

Zoe: I can’t believe they all deserted me…..

I know sweetie, I should have made Carson leave work and take you to the hospital….I sorry. 😦 Have you picked a name for the little fellow?

Zoe: Gabriel, I think? Gabe for short.

Little baby Gabe was born with the traits Hates the Outdoors and Excitable.

Shortly after the birth of her second grandchild, Maya wakes up feeling a little funny.

Maya: All I wanted to do is see all five of grandbabies born.

You cannot know if you where even going to HAVE five grandchildren. At present it looks like Ryder is going to remain childless for the rest of his life, and honestly Jarod doesn’t appear to be  doing any better out in Story Progression.

Maya: A grandmother just knows.

If you say so…..

Maya: Where on earth is that Grim Reaper….he should be here by now….it’s rude making a girl wait!

Grim appears to have been having some trouble finding the right room, he ended up in Zoe and Carson;s room next door before finally making his way to Maya. 😕

With the next day being Spooky Day, our heirs both decided that they wanted to throw a costume party. Of course neither of them were really in an appropriate mood for a party but….costumes! Dressing up is fun right? right?

…uh..no. 😦

Apparently…not. 😦 Poor Zoe had to deal with her grief of losing her mother by herself as her husband had to be at work ….again. 😦

At least Carson had a shoulder to cry on.

They also took the time to do a little autonomous flirting.

Carson with his on-call work schedule, (he’s now up to resident or intern, I forget which) has been doing a lot of this at the end of his workday. Poor baby. 😦

After this I took pity on him and snuck Zoe’s Motive Mobile into his inventory. Since then his moods have been better, and he is awake enough to spend some actual time with his family, he is also progressing quicker at work; who wouldn’t when they arrive at work full of energy and reach home the same way. 😀

Joslyn is soon ready for her child birthday, her mama Zoe is the one who helps her blow out her candles.

Zoe also reads her a bedtime story so she will be ready for big school tomorrow. Joslyn recieved the Genius trait for her child birthday.

Ryder ages up a couple of days after his niece and like his sister his sense of timing and occasion stinks! On the full-moon in the bathroom…..I would put a pic here to show how he aged up but really there’s not much difference. 🙂 He also copes a massive dose of mid-life crisis.

In other areas of the house, Carson is embracing his Neat and Work-aholic traits all at once…

While his daughter once has started to read every logic book she can lay her hands on.

The Mummy and Me time has also been continuing. If I didn’t know better I would assume that Roslyn was Zoe’s only child.

They even spend time reading together. I’m not sure what Zoe is reading but I know Roslyn’s is a Logic book.  Considering that she has already rolled her Lifetime Want to be a Creature Robot Crossbreeder it’s really not a bad choice.

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3.5 Wishing for Kisses

Ryder is showing some promise with the Bass in fact he is about half way to completing his life time wish.

Ryder: What is that!

I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Ryder: I have a very bad feeling about this.

And you are just standing there waiting for it to happen, because?…..

I did ask why you were just standing there…


Zoe finally gets back to work after being on maternity leave since Roslyn was born.

One of her first customers is Stacy who conveniently happened to be on the home lot trying rather unsuccessfully to have a great date….

Lets just say that Zoe did not endear herself to her brother’s potential girlfriend.

Zoe also often finds herself becoming distracted while out on and about on the job.

Zoe, did you just invite help yourself into someone else’s spa?

Zoe: Mmmhmm


Zoe: Yup….Lil? Any chance you can get Carson over here. I have a wish to well…..you know. 😉

Grr…fine. 😕 One Try for Baby attempt is on its way.

Zoe: Thankies!


Really?…. Again with the not running?

Too late….

Ryder: Argh!!!

Ryder: Was that really necessary?

Old Lady Alien: The first attempt was not successful.

Ryder: Successful? Successful at what?

OLA: Time will show if we have been successful this time.

Ryder: huh?

Stacy: I hear that you have been receiving a lot of alien visitations, are you okay?

Ryder: I forget all about them when you are here.

Cute, but I can’t even get the you two to the kissing stage. The wish is there but not the action. 😦 On his quest to secure a wished for kiss, Ryder also takes the opportunity to ask Stacy to stay the night.

Maya: I noticed that you stayed overnight with my son. Have you seen this picture of my granddaughter?

Stacy: Umm., No I haven’t?

Maya: I’m just letting you know that I someday hope to have a lot more grandbabies. Five in fact; it’s nice to know that Ryder had now found you.

Stacy: Uh, Mrs Young? I don’t know what he’s told you but Ryder and I are just friends. We are not romantically involved.

Unfortunately she’s right, the two of them are not even sporting romantic interests yet.. Lots of talking and flirting but no kissy, kissy. 😦

The Same night……

EA: I will be back if we have once again been unsuccessful.

Ryder: You know what? I just too tired to care what you’re implying right now. Go away so I can go to sleep.

Stacy: Uh, Ryder there’s a UFO right behind you.

Ryder: It’s always there, I think they are keeping an eye on me.

Stacy: Why?

Ryder: Don’t know, they haven’t told me yet.

And finally success, Maya finally rolled enough wishes for me to send her out to catch this little cutie and complete her LTW. 😀

Carson has been great, even taking some of the responsibility for toddler training off Zoe .

He had decided to be responsible for Potty Training.. Unfortunately he is often coming home wrecked after completing a day at his job at the hospital.

Zoe has been taking care of Roslyn’s talking and walking skills. Roslyn  herself ,has been tearing it up on the Xylophone and Peg-box.

Carson takes the opportunity to work on his chess skill, in his career field of choice it is a must. Hmm, I’m sure he’ll be fine outside in the middle of an electrical storm?

Carson: Yeah….I’ll be fine……right?

Well you aren’t dead, so yeah, as I said you’ll be fine. 🙂

Carson: Thanks sooo much!

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3.4 Stacy, Maybe?

The family is all busy today which is good. Both Zoe and Carson have already expressed their desire to have another baby, but I have decided they can wait for the moment. Lets let Ryder have a chance of finding love before we fill the house with Zoe/Carson babies. Besides the wish is locked in, so we can make it happen at any time. ❤

Ryder is still working steadily towards his Life Time Wish, in fact it is something I barely have to waste wishes on. He wishes to get a skill point in guitar – he picks up the bass instead….its all good. I can save the other wish for when I really need it. 🙂

Carson heads of to get a job at the local hospital to enquire about a job, we need him to become a wage earning productive member of the household. We are into Generation Three and this group of Youngs are still broke. How did that happen? Oh, yeah. right……Generation Two didn’t have anything that resembled an actual job. :/

Carson wants to join the medical career, and I can almost guarantee that he’s not going to become that World Renowned Surgeon he always hoped to be.

Ryder on the other hand has decided to join the music career just like his Grandma Eldrin. Unlike Eldrin, I don’t care if he progresses in his career;  just mastering his musical instruments will be enough for him to reach his goals. 🙂

The romantic front for Ryder has been looking up too. Finally he gets asked on a date with someone who’s cute, single and (more importantly) not old enough to be his mother

This is Stacy Flores and after a tiny little edit, she and Ryder begin the task of getting to know each other.

Ryder decides that a good old game of lets pelt a potential girlfriend with water balloons is in order. ;/

He’s enjoying this way too much….

Thankfully, Stacy seems to give as good as she gets, and even manages to put Ryder on his butt.

Back at home it’s time for Zoe to become an adult. As usual she picks a really bad spot to celebrate her birthday.

This time it was in the bathroom with only her mother cheering her on.

From across town, the family gets notified that Generation Two Heir Owen has passed away. Everyone is devastated especially his brother Dillon. Unfortunately it is not even two days later when we also receive notification of Maria’s death.

In happier news, Roslyn aged up into an adorable little girl, she actual became the first of the Young’s to use the new change table/bath. She even managed to beat out the BC Young’s and I must say that she looked totally adorable trying it out.

After spending a little playtime with her favourite girl, it’s time to get a start on all the Roslyn based wishes Zoe has now rolled.

It’s walkie time for Roslyn. 🙂

Carson on the other hand needs (and wishes) to increase his logic skill.

Ryder decides that the Festival is a good place to meet up with Stacy again. While he is waiting for her to arrive he treats himself to a multi-coloured snow-cone.

It seems that these two are not good at romantic outings. This time they both line up to take part in the hotdog eating contest.

After choking on his hotdog,

Ryder somehow manages to win the contest.

Mostly the pair have had a successful outing, but Ryder has yet to roll anything romantic involving Stacy. However, they are already on the way to becoming great friends so there is hope.

After her four days maternity leave Zoe is finally able to return to work. She heads off to perform her sing-a-grams but I’m thinking I am going to have to try to find her something more prestigious soon.

Dillon has been a brilliant, if sometime crabby grandfather. He takes very good care of his only grandchild Roslyn.

Oh, wait…Dill what are you doing?

Dillon: I feel kind of weightless.

What? Oh *^&*, he’s going to die in front of the baby….

Roslyn: Gwanpa?

Roslyn: Whaaaa!

Roslyn freaks out when her grandfather becomes transparent before her.

Other members of the family soon sense that something isn’t right in the kitchen.

Finally, grim puts in an appearance and unfortunately Dillon’s plea for more time is rejected. 😦

Unfortunately Dillon died not too long after his brother bringing closure to Generation Two. I was really quite fond of both of them, especially Dillon. Hopefully having a new granddaughter will keep Maya distracted until she makes it though the mourning period. 😦


Spare Notes: Sarah got married to Wilson Shaw and soon after their daughter Carmen was born.

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3.3 The Dating Game

Zoe- I’m going to tell Carson the good news today.

I think he may have worked that out for himself, Zoe, you’re getting huge.

Zoe- Thanks for that….

Well you are….

Zoe: Carson, I’ve got exciting news.

Carson: Sounds good.

Zoe: I’m pregnant!

Carson: Really? That’s Awesome! *thumbs up*


Zoe: Don’t mock Lil, that’s a great reaction.

Yeah, okay….I would have thought a hug, maybe even a kiss would have been more appropriate.  But I guess a thumbs up will have to do.

The couple end up celebrating their future parent-hood with a spot of star gazing.

Which is definitely better than that thumbs up.

Zoe: Lil…

just saying….

While Zoe is busy incubating the first member of Generation Four (w0w 🙂 ) Ryder has been trying out the local dating scene with some unfortunate results.

Ryder gets asked on a date by Shawna Gilbert (Darleen’s daughter) , but once they get to the location proceed to ignore each other. 😕

Ryder go talk to the girl she’s cute and she’s not an elder…so bonus….?

Ryder: I don’t think she’s the one.

I have no idea how you can say that, you haven’t even spoken to the girl…

Ryder’s second date, unbelievably, was worse. 😕 Ryder seems to be extremely unlucky when it comes to phone dates. This time it’s Abrianna King-Diwan. Firstly she’s pregnant….and finally she goes into labour on their date.

Ryder: OMGOMGOMG!!!!

Ryder, take her to the hospital….now!

Ryder takes Abrianna to the hospital, like the nice boy he is.

and then Abrianna’s husband shows up. Ryder’s lucky he didn’t get beaten up….

While his son is avoiding his date’s husband, Dillon is at home being abducted…again.

While Ryder was out, I took the opportunity to redecorate what was the kids room, just for him. It seemed only fair, I had already completed Zoe’s. Unfortunately, the family ran out of funds after only a few improvements. He has a new bed at least, and a cupboard,.

Ryder: The bunk beds are gone!

Yep, they sure are.

He seems happy enough. 🙂

The following day it is finally time for moment we have all been waiting for.

Zoe: “Ow, that hurts…I think…Owwww!”

Dillon: My daughter’s having a baby. 🙂

Really Dill? That’s helpful.. 😕

After a little while, and with no one in her family seeming to care all that much (her father just walked away and watched TV), Zoe finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Meet little Roslyn Young. She was born with the Artistic and Friendly traits but we will have to wait a little to see who she truly takes after. Zoe, true to the generations before her immediately decides she wants to get married. Even better she has a specific spouse in mind. 😀

She does find a familiar road block in the way of he matrimonial goals..

Zoe: Mum, can I talk with Carson by myself for a bit.

After successfully chasing off her mother, Zoe gets down to the business of securing herself a partner. Going steady was easy to accomplish.

But of course we waste no time getting to the more important questions.

Thankfully, Carson likes shiny things and the pair don’t waste anytime becoming engaged.

And finally because this is a sim relationship, Zoe sees no need to wait any longer to marry her one true love.

Maya was very pleased that she became a grandma. Also with her wish to see her daughter married fulfilled she was in a very happy mood.

After showing off the multitudes of pictures she had taken of her first ever grandchild to her husband, the pair became extremely flirty.

Poor Ryder’s tradition of terrible dates continues. For some reason this time he takes his newborn niece Roslyn along for the date.

Ugh and his new date is an Elder, I really need to work out who these people are before I let Ryder accept these dates. 😦

Still, he is out of the house and even if Roslyn has now been placed on the ground and kept out all night…..there’s always a slight chance that the girl of Ryder’s  dreams could walk by. It could happen…..

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3.2 Chasing Carson

It wasn’t long after Ryder’s birthday that Zoe rolled a wish to kiss Carson. Unlike previous generations Zoe is giving me all the wishes needed so far to progress her relationship. So far so good. 😀

But at the moment she needs to work on her career. This time it’s a Romantic Sing-a-gram for Wilson Shaw.

Ryder however wants to learn the bass – so of course I bought him one. 🙂 Unfortunately all of his highschool acquaintances all aged up before him and are now attached to other people.

He also wants to be Best friends with his mother. They are already good friends so it shouldn’t take too much effort.

The next day Zoe invites Carson over in an attempt to obtain that wished for kiss. It doesn’t take long for Zoe and Carson to become romantic interests and Zoe now has a wish for a another date with Carson. 😀

Zoe decides that she would like to give Carson a massage. Got to love all of these romantic interactions they are making this way to easy for me. 😀

Unfortunately Zoe’s love connection gets interrupted by Ryder’s graduation.

When he finally gets out Zoe has some singing jobs to complete.

Ryder takes the opportunity to set up his drum set outside the townhall.

After finally making it home he switches to the bass.

The next day is Love Day and conveniently Zoe has a wish to go on date with Carson. Hopefully it all goes well.

Zoe: Lil, don’t stress. I’ve got this. 😀

Hope so…

They spend quite a while just chatting.

Guys dance together maybe? They both danced but no, not together… 😦

Eventually it is time to go back to Zoe’s house. It’s pouring rain but a wish to watch the stars together cannot be ignored. ❤

After a spectacularly good date Carson leaves Zoe with a wish to go on another date and a wish for her first woohoo. No  sooner had Carson left and he rings Zoe. 😀

I think he likes you Zoe.

Zoe: I think he does too.

Finally it is time for Paige to age up into a Young Adult. She is the last of generation 3 to age up, and it will be nice to see how well she goes in the big wide sim world of story progression.

Paige’s final trait becomes Hates the Outdoors. I think that goes well with No Sense of Humour, Virtuoso, Artistic and Mean Spirited. 😕 Paige’s moves out shortly after graduation and taking the remaining pets with her.

Ryder wants to get out of the house and play some music, he heads off to the wishing well to peform. Hopefully, the rain doesn’t stop the residents of Lucky Palms from stopping by to watch.

Meanwhile Zoe was busy working on her sing-a-grams. While out she happens to run into Carson and invites him home.

After their recent date Zoe wished to woohoo with Carson, which is definately a step in the right direction. I have yet to have an heir wish to be married until after they have their first child and seems Zoe is going to continue with that tradition.

A short trip home and a quick redecoration of her Aunt and Uncle’s old bedroom and Zoe and her man are ready to take the next step in their relationship.

Yup, these too like each other…a lot. Now all we need is either another woohoo wish or some other Go Steady type wish to further their relationship. We want babies!

Meanwhile, Ryder gets a phone call and heads out for a date with Katherine Shaw. Unfortunately Katherine is a no-show but Ryder is out of the house so that can only be a good thing.

It seems like this park is the Lucky Palms Hot Spot for the elderly. Darleen Mataplin stalks Ryder all over the playground and calls the poor boy for days afterwards. 😦

Later the following day after Zoe has spent delivering sing-a-grams, she comes home to find that Carson is still on the family lot (which is great). The pair are still getting along famously.

Maya interrupts the pair by initiating a water balloon fight with Carson. Zoe at first seems amused by her mother’s interuption.

But she soon endeavours to recapture Ryder’s attention.

Only to be interrupted by her mother for a second time. 😦


Ryder decided that he wanted to visit the Summer Carnival, so of course we dragged the entire family along. 

Maya and Dillon are just adorable together.

Zoe and Ryder try to ignore their parents making out right next to them.

Zoe has a heap of conspiracy theories to share with her younger brother.

The rain brings this face out on Ryder.

Ryder, Dillon and Maya all helpfully wish to enter a hotdog eating contest.

Dillon emerges victorious from the contest.

Zoe wishes to go on another date with Carson, so she calls him up immediately.

She no sooner gets him back to the house and a wish for a second woohoo is forthcoming.  🙂

It doesn’t take long for Zoe to lure her man into bed for the second time and yes, there were some of those very sort after chimes.

A/N: It’s been a month today since I last updated this story, and even though the break has been shorter than the break for the ISBI I kinda found this one harder to pick back up. :oops:, I really should know better than to get too far ahead with my gameplay with this challenge. Anyway hope you enjoy. Lil. 😀

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3.1 Starting Out

We will start this update with one of our newest heirs Zoe. Zoe’s LTW is to become a Vocal Legend. So she’s busy signing up for her new job. Thankfully Zoe already has a wish to learn the sign of Carson Taylor (picture to come).

Here she is in her first ever work outfit…..Stylish. 😛

She makes a decent impression at her first ever sing-a-gram. Although I’m not sure if the recipient is laughing at her or not.

When she gets home she relaxes with a little painting.

Yep, remember Paige still lives here. She playing the family a lovely tune on her grandmother Eldrin’s pink guitar.

Zoe also gets an opportunity that requires her to work out. Seems like it’s one of the easier ones to do and she can only skip opportunities occasionally so….

While at the gym she runs into her big brother Jarod who is also in a working out mood.

Zoe: Why did I have to do this again?

Hmm, can’t remember. Money, maybe?

Zoe: …………..

Once she gets outside its singing for tips time. It’s really too bad that the townies never seem to show up to anything in this town. Although at the moment she is definitely NOT the greatest singer in the world..  😦

Zoe: HEY! I heard that!!

Yep, you were meant to hear it. 😛

I also gave her a bit of a performance makeover. I think it’s better than what she was wearing before…but not by much lols

I love the dress but I am still really unsure about the hairstyle…still it looks like something that could be done with her normal hair style.  It’s about the same length anyway.

Meanwhile Zoe’s mama is still at work collecting all her little critters. She needs three more and I think she’s all done. 😀

Generation Two Heir Dillon has finally managed to complete his LTW, Here he is with the last of his adopted pets.

Zoe  finally gets around to inviting Carson over in an attempt to learn his sign. I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but Carson is the NPC that used to bring all of Dillon’s pets to the house when they were adopted. It didn’t seem all that  important until Zoe started to roll wishes concerning him, we will have to see how this goes. 😀

Zoe: I would have invited him earlier if you hadn’t sent me off singing.

Well Zoe…you DO need to work on that too.

Zoe. ………

Zoe and Carson’s chat time gets interrupted by our youngest heirs birthday. Like his sister Ryder chooses the badly lit and poorly decorated children’s room to have his birthday.

Ryder ages up receiving the Genius trait which is now a trait he shares with both his father and uncle. His other traits are Couch Potato, Absent Minded, Virtuoso and Loves the Heat. As Ryder had yet to choose a Life Time Wish I have to choose the first uncompleted LTW available. He now wants to become a One Man Band which was the second LTW available as the first had already been completed by our Generation One Founder, Ryder’s grandmother Eldrin.

Ryder,  like a good little heir immediately rolls wishes to buy a drum kit and to learn the drums skill. 😀  He is going to need to be doing this a lot despite the fact that he has the Virtuoso trait. He didn’t seem interested in learning any instrument until now, so he is going to have to start from scratch. 😦

Ryder: It’s not like you left any instruments lying around for me to play.

Well, I did….Owen just liked to knick them all and hide them in his inventory….I got sick of taking them out all the time…..

Maya is a proud mama. 😀

I’m going to have to take him out to play so he can meet some people. Hopefully the girl for him is somewhere in Lucky Palms (hopefully unattached) waiting for Ryder to find her. 🙂

Well, that’s it for the first chapter of Generation Three. Yay. 😀

Next time: Does Zoe make any wishes concerning Carson? Does Ryder find a girl who hasn’t already been stolen by story progression? Not that would stop him (or me)…. 😀

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